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BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Activation on your BlackBerry Device


MDaemon Pro version 12 onwards includes a custom-built BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) designed exclusively for distribution and use with MDaemon. BES makes it possible for MDaemon users to synchronise their MDaemon/WorldClient email, calendar, and other personal information management (PIM) data with their BlackBerry smartphones.

BES also makes it possible for you to set security policies for user devices and even erase a device should it be lost or stolen.

You don't require a BES contract on your device to utilise this functionality - a BIS contract is all that is needed.

MDaemon's BES features include:

  • No need for third-party sync clients. Each user's data is synchronized using software already present on all BlackBerry devices.
  • MDaemon Email (including mail folders) is synchronized with the device in both directions. Therefore whether mail is read, moved, deleted, etc. on the device or the server it will be synchronised on both.
  • Two-way Calendar synchronization. For example, if you create a new appointment, set a reminder, or modify an appointment on either the device or within Outlook Connector or WorldClient it will be synchronised in both places.
  • Two-way contacts, tasks and notes synchronisation.
  • Meeting scheduling supports free/busy status of attendees.
  • Global Address Book lookup when composing emails.

Enterprise Activation:

In order to begin using MDaemon's BES features an account must "activate" a BlackBerry device with MDaemon.

The steps to achieve this are detailed below and you can also watch a YouTube video here that details the process -

In MDaemon:

1. Choose Setup -> Mobile Device Management and ensure 'Enable BlackBerry Enterprise Server' is ticked:

2. Click Ok.

3. Choose Accounts -> Account Manager and double click on the user you are activating the BlackBerry for.

4. Choose 'BlackBerry Enterprise Server' and tick 'BlackBerry enable this account':

5. Click Ok.

Initial steps on the user's BlackBerry:

1. Disable or remove any third-party sync clients (eg. SyncJE or Funambol) that are currently being used to sync data with this MDaemon account.

2. If the device is configured to use the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) to get email from the account, go to the devices 'Email Setup' and remove that account.

3. If there are any existing calendar entries on the device it's important that you either wipe the device or reset the calendar (you can do this by opening the calendar, clicking OPTIONS and then selecting RSET). If you don't do this existing calendar data on the MDaemon server may not be sent to the device.

It's important the above steps are followed to ensure that duplicates of email, calendar or other PIM data don't occur on either the device or the MDaemon server.

Depending on the device and operating system installed, activation may delete all data on the device, restoring it to its default settings before synchronizing it with MDaemon. For this reason, before activating the device you should use BlackBerry Desktop Manager or some other means to backup or export any data that the user does not wish to lose.

Activating the BlackBerry smartphone:

There are two methods available for activating your BlackBerry device - "Over the Air" (OTA) activation or wired activation via USB cable and wireless activation.

OTA activation is only available on BlackBerry smartphones that include a 'Enterprise Activation' option under Menu -> Options -> Advanced Options on the BlackBerry device: 

This option is typically only present on devices that have been initially shipped for BES functionality by the Telco. If you don't have an 'Enterprise Activation' option on your BlackBerry, then you will need to follow the 'Wired Activation' steps below.

OTA Activation:

1. In MDaemon choose Accounts -> Account Manager -> {username} -> BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

2. Tick 'Enable BlackBerry device synchronisation'.

3. Choose 'Set wireless BlackBerry device activation password' and when prompted add an activation password of your choosing.

4. On the BlackBerry device go to the 'Enterprise Activation Screen' (Menu -> Options -> Advanced Options -> Enterprise Activation):

5. Enter the MDaemon account's email address and the Activation Password you just created (note this isn't necessarily the same as the email account password unless you made them the same).

6. Press 'Menu' and then 'Activate':

Your BlackBerry device will now begin it's activation process which may take a few minutes. After the process has completed it will be paired with the users MDaemon account and data will synchronise with it.

Wired Activation:

1. In WorldClient login as the user that you are activating the BlackBerry for.

Please note that Wired Activation requires you login to WorldClient using Internet Explorer version 6 or later - other browsers are not supported.

2. Choose Options -> BlackBerry Management.

3. Allow the Active-X control to install and run when prompted:

4. Add the WorldClient URL you visited as a trusted site in Internet Explorer under Tools -> Internet Options -> Security.

5. Plug your BlackBerry device into the computer you've logged into WorldClient through using a USB cable.

6. Click Activate Device under 'Wired Activation'.

7. When you see "Wired activation complete. You may disconnect the USB cable. Enterprise activation will continue on the device." disconnect your BlackBerry from the computer.

Your BlackBerry device will now begin it's activation process which may take a few minutes. After the process has completed it will be paired with the users MDaemon account and data will synchronise with it.

Synchronising Mail Folders:

When your BlackBerry device is activated, your MDaemon account's Inbox and folder list will be synchronized with your device automatically. You can use the 'Folder Redirection' options on the BlackBerry device to specify the mail folders that you wish to synchronise with MDaemon, or you can tick the Push to BlackBerry checkboxes next to the desired folders within WorldClient at Options -> Folders.

Synchronising historic data to your BlackBerry:

At Setup -> BlackBerry -> BlackBerry BES -> Options -> Synchronization Options you can specify how much historical email and calendar data is passed to the BlackBerry.

Ports required for BES functionality:

BES only requires outbound access to the Internet on TCP port 3101. No specific inbound ports need to be opened.