Enabling IMAP Compress

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Enabling IMAP Compress

HOW TO: Enabling IMAP Compress


MDaemon 13 onwards supports IMAP Compress. As the name suggests this feature allows MDaemon's IMAP server to honor the IMAP compression mode which significantly decreases the amount of data that needs to be transferred in a client to server IMAP session.

Typical compression ranges from 50-90% depending on the data being transmitted.

Remote IMAP and Outlook Connector users will benefit the most from this feature but mobile devices running clients that support IMAP compress running over lower bandwidth 3G connections will also see improvements.

Unfortunately not all IMAP clients support IMAP compression so be sure to check your specific client for details. A native Outlook IMAP session does not support compression. However IMAP compression is supported in the Outlook Connector client in version 2.3.0 onwards and will result in positive speed improvement for those users.


IMAP Compression is already enabled by default in MDaemon 13 onwards but to confirm this choose Setup -> Default Domain / Servers -> servers and confirm the option highlighted in the image below is ticked: