How do I install and run WorldClient under IIS (5.0 or v6.0)?

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How do I install and run WorldClient under IIS (5.0 or v6.0)?


How do I install and run WorldClient under IIS (5.0 or 6.0)?


WorldClient is a web-based email client that comes with all MDaemon installations from version 2 onward). MDaemon Version 6.0 and onwards copies of WorldClient can also be configured to run within Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). Below are the steps required to run WorldClient via IIS 5.0 (Windows 2000 based installations) and IIS 6.0 (Windows 2003 and XP Pro based installations).

Setting up WorldClient to run under IIS 5.0 :-

1. Open the IIS Management Program

    a. Click Start.

    b. Click Settings.

    c. Click Control Panel.

    d. Click Administrative Tools

    e. Click Internet Services Manager.

2. Click on Default Website.

3. Right click Default website

4. Select New

5. Click Virtual Directory.

6. Follow the Wizard as it takes you through the steps of creating a Virtual Directory. The following are suggested names and locations for data to be typed into the Wizard, but will vary depending on installation of MDaemon and WorldClient. 

    a. Alias: WorldClient
    b. Click Next.
    c. Directory: C:/MDaemon/WorldClient/HTML. 
    d. Click Next.
    e. Select Execute (Such as ISAPIapplications or CGI).
    f. Click Next.
    g. Click Finish.

7. Right click on the WorldClient Virtual Directory icon.

8. Select Properties.

9. Click Documents.

10. Next click the Default Document.

11. Click the Remove button.

12. Click Add and then type in WorldClient.dll

13. Click OK.

14. Open Windows Explorer and Right click on the MDaemon directory.

15. Select Properties.

16. Click on the Security tab.

17. Click Add.

18. Add the IUSR_*UserName Here* account. Give that user permissions to everything by selecting Full Control on the list of security options.

19. Click OK.

To test this open a browser and visit (replacing with the actual IP address of the IIS machine).

Setting up WorldClient to run under IIS 6.0 :-

1. Open the Internet Information Services Management Console.

2. Right-Click on 'Application Pools'.

3. Choose 'New/Application Pool'.

4. Name the Pool 'Alt-N' and click the OK button.

5. Right-Click on 'Alt-N'.

6. Click on 'Properties'.

7. Click on the 'Performance' tab.

8. Uncheck the options for 'Shutdown worker processes after being idle for (time in minutes):' and 'Limit the kernel request queue (number of requests)'.

9. Click on the 'Identity' tab.

10. In the dropdown for Predefined, choose 'Local System'.

11. Click the OK button.

12. Right-Click on 'Web Sites'.

13. Choose 'New'.

14. Click on 'Web Site'. (This will launch a wizard)

15. Click on the Next button.

16. Type in a name for the site such as 'WorldClient'.

17. Click on the 'Next' button.

18. Click on the 'Next' button again.

19. Browse to the Home directory: which will be C:\MDaemon\WorldClient\HTML with a default installation.

20. Click on the 'Next' button.

21. Make sure the options for 'Read' and 'Run Scripts' are checked.

22. Click on the 'Next' button.

23. Click on the 'Finish' button.

24. Right click on the website you just made (WorldClient).

25. Choose 'Properties'.

26. Click on the 'Documents' tab.

27. Remove all listed documents.

28. Add 'WorldClient.dll'.

29. Choose the 'Home Directory' tab.

30. Choose 'Alt-N' in the Application Pool dropdown.

31. Click the OK button.

32. Click on 'Web Service Extensions'.

33. Enable 'All Unknown ISAPI Extension' or Create a new one for 'WorldClient.DLL'.

The Internet Guest Account - *IUSR_**<**SERVER_NAME**>* - needs 'Full Access' NTFS permissions for the MDaemon directory and all sub-directories.

1. Right-Click on the MDaemon directory. (C:\MDaemon)

2. Select Properties.

3. Select the Security tab.

4. Click the Add button.

5. Click the Advanced button.

6. Click the Find Now button.

7. Select the identity of the application pool.  If following the steps above this will be 'Local Service'.

8. Click the OK button.

9. Click the OK button.

10. Check the box for 'Full Control'.

11. Click the OK button.

Note: These same steps need to be applied to any directory MDaemon is configured to use.

Possible issues to note:

1. When upgrading MDaemon after configuring IIS 6.0 the following steps must be taken :-

    a. Open the Internet Information Services Management Console.

    b. Open 'Application Pool' list.

    c. Right-Click 'Alt-N'.

    d. Choose 'Stop'.

    e. Shutdown MDaemon.

    f. Install the upgrade.

    g. Once installation is complete, start MDaemon.

    h. In Information Services Management Console again, Right-Click 'Alt-N'.

    i. Choose 'Start'.

2. The configuration of WorldClient within IIS is not supported and before performing any installation of this kind, you must be aware of the requirement to perform regular Microsoft patch updates of IIS to ensure there are no security issues related to this installation.