How do I move my MDaemon installation to another machine?

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How do I move my MDaemon installation to another machine?


How do I move my MDaemon installation to another machine?


Please Note: This guide refers to moving an MDaemon Standard or Pro installation that doesn't include MDaemon BlackBerry Messaging Server (released in MDaemon 12). If you are not running MDaemon Standard or Pro then please follow the steps in this article -

Providing you keep the MDaemon installation path on the new server the same as the current path (for example, C:\MDaemon) then moving the installation onto a new server should just be a matter of following the steps below (if you're changing the installation path, refer to the article here):-

1. On the existing MDaemon installation in the MDaemon Interface (GUI) choose Help -> Activate your Alt-N Software and choose the options to deactivate the MDaemon and SecurityPlus keys.

2. Choose Setup -> Preferences -> Windows Service and click the 'Remove service' button (if the button says 'Install service' you don't need to do anything here) :-

(Note: If you are using MDaemon 9 or below, you'll find this at Setup -> System Service)

3.  Stop MDaemon on the existing machine.

4.  Copy the entire MDaemon folder and all subfolders from the existing server over to the same physical location on the new server.

5.  If you are replacing the existing server with the new server and it is now switched off at this point change the network IP of the new machine to reflect that of the old machine.

6.  Download the appropriate version of MDaemon from and run through the installation. Specify the MDaemon directory you copied over from the old server as the installation directory.

7.  As there is currently no service installed you will need to start MDaemon as an application. To do this open Windows Explorer and navigate to \<path-to-MDaemon-install>\MDaemon\App. Double click MDaemon.exe and MDaemon will start (note in Windows 7 you may need to right click and choose "Run as Administrator").

8.  Repeat step 1, but this time click the 'Install service' button at Setup -> Preferences -> Windows Service.

9. Close MDaemon and start it from Start -> Programs -> MDaemon -> Start MDaemon (this starts MDaemon as a system service).

10.  Download and install MDaemon SecurityPlus/AntiVirus and Outlook Connector plug-ins from if you were using them previously.

11. When prompted to do so run through the wizard to activate your licence keys on the new machine.

Possible issues to note:

If you are moving your MDaemon installation to a different path on a new PC, you should follow the steps outlined in this article here.