How do I move my MDaemon installation to another path on another...

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How do I move my MDaemon installation to another path on another machine?


How do I move my MDaemon installation to another path on another machine?


Sometimes it becomes necessary to move MDaemon to another machine and that machine does not have the same drive letter that the old machine did. If you follow the steps below you will be able to migrate this installation and also update any references to the drive letter path:-

1. On the existing MDaemon installation in the MDaemon Interface (GUI) choose Help -> Activate your MDaemon Software and choose the options to deactivate the MDaemon keys.

2. Choose Setup -> Preferences -> Windows Service and click the 'Remove service' button (if the button says 'Install service' you don't need to do anything here) :-

(Note: If you are using MDaemon 9 or below, you'll find this at Setup -> System Service)

3.  On the new machine, install the same version of MDaemon that you're currently using specifying the new drive location. This step ensures that the appropriate DLL files are registered on the new machine.

4.  Stop MDaemon on both machines by either choosing File -> Stop MDaemon or running the following from a MSDOS prompt: net stop mdaemon

5.  Delete the entire MDaemon folder from the new PC (\<path-to-MDaemon-install\MDaemon\).

(If you have problems doing this it's possible that MDaemon Remote Administration is still running on the new machine so run the following from a MSDOS prompt to stop it: net stop webadmin)

6.  Copy the entire MDaemon folder from the old machine over to the new location on the new machine.

7.  Using a text editor, update ALL references to the old installation path to reflect the new one in each of the following files:-

\MDaemon\App\*.grp (if path references have been made)




\MDaemon\App\cfrules.dat (if any content filter rules pointed to a directory)















8.  Using a text editor edit the drive letter in the \MDaemon\App\Userlist.dat file to reflect the new location (as this file relies on columns starting a defined line numbers we only recommend modifying the drive letter in this file).

9. At this point we would suggest that you switch the IP addresses of the two machines so that the new machine takes over the IP address of the old one. Doing this means it isn't necessary to update any of the users workstations or any port-forwarding rules on your router if you are accepting inbound mail via SMTP.

10. On the new machine start MDaemon by navigating to \MDaemon\App\MDaemon.exe which starts MDaemon as an application (note in Windows 7 you may need to right click and choose "Run as Administrator").

11. On the new machine, from MDaemon's interface choose Setup -> Preferences -> Windows Service -> Install Service and then restart MDaemon.

12. If prompted to do so run through the wizard to activate your licence keys on the new machine.

The new machine should now have an identical functioning copy of your MDaemon installation.

Possible issues to note:

If you wish to just migrate your MDaemon installation from one drive to another drive on the same machine, then the steps detailed at explain this process.

If you are using an SSL certificate in MDaemon then the certificate is stored in Windows, not MDaemon and needs to be moved seperately. This article explains the process required.