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How to enable two-factor authentication for WorldClient/Remote Administration in MDaemon 16 onwards

MDaemon version 16 and above support Two Factor Authentication that will require the user to enter a verification code before they can log into WorldClient or Remote Administration.  This article utilizes the Google Authenticator application.

Google Authenticator is available for both Android or iOS devices. 

Google Authenticator for Android
Google Authenticator for iOS 

HTTPS must be enabled for WorldClient users to enable two factor authentication.

  1. Log in to WorldClient
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Security
  4. Enter the current account password.

  5. Select Setup Two Factor Authentication

  6. Open the Google Authenticator application
  7. Scan the barcode displayed in WorldClient to setup the account on the device
    • A barcode scanner is required to be installed on the device and does not come with the Google Authenticator.
    • Alternatively, click Show Secret to generate a code to enter into the authentication app.
  8. Once the account has been added in Google Authenticator, enter the 6 digit verification code displayed on the app
  9. Click Verify Pairing to finish the process

The next time the account logs into WorldClient or Remote Administration via HTTPS, the password and a 6 digit code generated by the Google Authenticator app will be required to login.