Setting up the email client on an Android phone

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Setting up the email client on an Android phone

If you are going to be using your Android phone from outside your network, then you will need to ensure that your MDaemon server is accessible to your phone when it is connecting from the Internet back into your server.

This will usually require that your router/firewall has been configured appropriately so that your MDaemon server is accessible on the following ports:-

IMAP:  TCP port 143
SMTP:  TCP port 25

The steps required to configure port forwarding on most firewalls and routers are covered at

If you are going to be using SSL encrypted connections (if you're not sure, then you're probably not), the appropriate port numbers are as follows:-

IMAP over SSL:  TCP port 993
POP over SSL:  TCP port 995

Make sure that you've previously logged into your account via WorldClient at least once - this ensures that all your standard personal folders such as 'Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items' are present along with your Inbox.

Pull up the main menu and then select 'email'...

Enter your email address and password, choose next..

Choose IMAP...

Enter your server details , by default this will be populated with just your domain in the form but this is usually incorrect. Typically this would be either a valid name such as '' or your public IP address such as

Check and amend your outgoing SMTP settings (this should be the same as the previous incoming server settings)...

Choose how often you want the email to be checked...

Give your account a Name and fill in your full name...

Your MDaemon email account is now configured on your Android Phone!

Calendar, Contact, Notes and Task Synchronisation:

At present (Q1 2010) there is no reliable way to synchronise groupware type items "over-the-air" with Android clients. A number of companies are actively developing SyncML clients to achieve this, but they are currently in early beta phases and are not recommended solutions as they are missing key features and do not synchronise effectively.